After almost 20 years in IT support and hosting, we are scaling down our online divisions.

We will be happy to offer any kind of assistance in locating a suitable website creation tool, hosting partner, or any form of online service you are interested in.

We CAN host your website and give you the FTP Control to manage your  site.
We do not build commercial web-sites anymore due to the amount of programs out there that allow you to build your online venture with ease and affordability. 

We suggest using GoDaddy.com for all your online needs. We have been using GoDaddy for years and still use it daily. Their customer support is second to none in our opinion. You can obtain a suitable domain, get email hosting, website hosting, and a website builder to complete your package. They offer OFFICE 365 and there is no better email client out there anywhere that is in that price bracket.

As Always, I will be happy to talk with you and discuss any problems you may be having getting your online world set up or created. Just shoot me an email at:

danny.davis [at] rytekwebs [dot] com
freaky.old [at] gmail [dot] com

"May God Bless Each & Everyone Always"

Danny Davis
RyTek Webs

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