RyTek Webs Site is undergoing some major changes and will soon be opening its new hosting help platform, so In the mean time!

Welcome and Thank you so much for stopping by to RyTek Webs. Before we go into what we offer, let me tell you a little about what we have done since 1999. In 1999 I needed some kind of platform that would allow me to help create a few websites for some friends and family members. One thing turned into another and before long I saw the need to find a reliable hosting partner. For a little over 6 years I tried four different so called "hosting companies" that provided most everything you needed plus support if you ran into a problem. But I always felt like an outsider to each company and also I never felt comfortable asking questions. Back then there was not many build-it-yourself website softwares. Now though, you can find easy to learn software that lets you get a site up and running in minutes. I used a software called, Microsoft Front Page. Today you cant use software liek that because your site must fit on all platforms and devices.

That brings us almost current. But back in 2006 I foud the company I still use today in providing hosting space and much much more. The Comnpany is called HOSTNEXUS. They offer everything you can imagine when it comes to having your own personal or business space on the ever expanding internet. I use them for personal sites and a few business sites as well. I use to build sites from scratch, but I do not do that anymore as there are multiple options for building your site(s) yourself.

However I will be happy to offer advice as to a direction you should seek, and it will most likely start out at HOSTNEXUS, because I feel they can offer anything you need at all levels. My first suggestion would be to go to their site, and spend a little time looking at plans and everything they have. I am a retired IT guy who discovered a company I would not hesitate to send anyone to for web services. The reason is simple. I have been with them since 2006 and not one time in over 12 years did they not reply to a support question or situation that needed attention as soon as possible. They have some awesome support techs that care about serving their clients. And the owner, Laurence Flynn, also responds almost immediately if he is needed or you have a question that you may need him to address first. The way they have treated me over the years, is the reason I want to return the favor back to them!

As Always, I will be happy to talk with you and discuss any problems you may be having getting your online world set up or created. Just shoot me an email at:

danny.davis [at] rytekwebs [dot] com
freaky.old [at] gmail [dot] com

Dont forget to check out my friends over at HN and come back here soon for our new look and more information on the services we will offer.

"May God Bless Each & Everyone Always"

Danny Davis
RyTek Webs


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