Recommended Links

Recommended Links

The links below are recommended links, and will be your guide to a smooth transition to your home on the internet. We will be discussing them on our site blog from time to time. Visit the sites and find out why we are supporting the very best in online security and online safety.


Pixel Privacy

I have stated many times to many clients about the importance of using strong passwords. In creating email accounts for clients, I refuse to allow them to be weak passwords. Our mail server will reject attempts to change strong passwords to easier to learn examples. A website that is VERY informative concerning password safety and internet safety was  brought to my attention recently.

Their main site is called Pixel Privacy. It is basically a group of professionals who post articles about how to protect your online privacy. These articles cover a lot of information; great information.

One of their posts is about what I mentioned earlier, Password Safety

Both stand-alone links I will put here, but please give this site a visit and I promise you will learn valuable info about all things about online safety….Danny


One of our most important recommended links is Host Nexus!
HostNexus, The Very Best In Internet Access Solutions

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LastPass Password Manager One of the best Recommended Links for securing your passwords on your site.
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