RyTek Webs – Exit Strategy

Words and Images, Capturing My Final Roads

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Finally, I decided to cut my ties with work, and people, and focus on the last part of a life spent helping others way too much. There is so much to this decision. I’m not going to work at all on much web work anymore. I am restricted as to how much I can go out and shoot images. As much as I love doing that, my days may look over but, I am still not giving up on capturing my last roads.


So, I am here, doing what I love to do, writing. I will leave links to some web places and people that if you want to get answers to web stuff, they can help, or you can search most anything out on the web. Just be ready to get tossed into the bag with Artificial Intelligence, apps, add-ons, and plugins. If I want, I may add a few A.I. articles, or plugins here, but I am not going to head to-tail with one.


So, if you know me, welcome. For now, no comments until I get things sorted out. That may take a week or two or a month or two. Whatever it takes, then I will allow comments, but they will be approved before they can be made public.