Creating an online home, or just your online hobby can be scary stuff. But if you choose to do some research first, the options you find can be the first steps in discovering all the wonders of becoming a part of something much larger and much more exciting than you ever imagined.

Whether you are looking for a full-fledged business website, or a simple blog to showcase your world of meaningful talents like cooking, photography, or even the crazy world of political views, I can help you with some ideas from my twenty five plus years in seeing all the changes, good and bad, in the ever-growing world of the Internet.

I am officially retired from actually building websites, but I can help you find new ways and they are plenty abound to discover the joy of putting yourself and, or your ideas of a hobby, passion, or even your business.

This is a new venture for me to look at helping others in a new way.  Most of what I will offer is free of charge, remember I said I am officially retired. Occasionally there may be some technical work I may charge for but this site will be mostly informational in content. There will be a renewing blog section that I hope to put out a new post each week. Topics may vary but, they all will be tech and internet related as is this website.

By The Way, the main image here is one I captured back earlier this year of my hometown skyline of Memphis, Tennessee. The sky was dark and rainy but it was an awesome opportunity to grab a capture of that skyline.

Danny Davis


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